Customer Service: Where I press 1 to speak to God

When my phone is acting up, I call for help. I even have customer service phone numbers memorized. I rely on customer service to help fix and maintain my devices, appliances,etc. When something is wrong, I know a call can fix it.

When I am experiencing personal challenges, trauma or pain–who do I call? A friend, boyfriend, parents. As important as I am to them, I don’t have access to them 24/7. They also aren’t standing by waiting for my call. As much as they want me to be happy, their raison d’être is not to ensure my happiness, success or safety. They can sometimes guide and advice me but they don’t know what my future holds. My parents have set me up for success but they are not the creators of my path.

When it comes to personal challenges, when it comes to sharing your successes, I’m finding that God provides the best and most efficient customer service.

My family is Catholic. Since we all grew up in Saudi Arabia, where there are no churches, we relied on our parents to teach us about their religion. The religious guidance I received from my parents vastly differed. My father, a mathematician, presented religious matters with precision, logic and Latin phrases. My mother, a proud homemaker and teacher, presented a more compassionate view, and from a young age, encouraged me to think about Jesus as a boyfriend (…Mom?). Because of my environment, I think I initially learned and took more interest in Islam and other religions, and this was the means  through which I would come to understand the values of Christianity, the tradition of Catholicism, and also, the person I wanted to be.

I can write this post because though I have never considered myself to be ‘religious’, I believed in God. And it is through the acknowledgement of his existence that I can write this post with a certain amount of confidence.

Because I believe in God, I can choose to have relationship with Him, and I can learn to depend on him. I can depend on Him in a way I can’t others. Not only do I not have to filter my thoughts,  be diplomatic, or worry about a reaction, I have immediate access to Him.

I have immediate access to God regardless of what I am going through, rain or shine. How many of us call customer service when things are going well? Do I call T-mobile when my service is working smoothly? Nope. Do I call my bank when they process my check ? No, I certainly don’t but they will hear from me if I get an overdraft fee of $35 for buying a Twix for .75 cents (ah college).

Since I have been lifted out of the dark, not only do I have to be careful that I don’t find my way back, I have to keep a relationship with what got me out.  Imagine if I treated my friends the way I do God?

So that is where I am at now, like I said in my previous post, I’ve transitioned from repairs to maintenance. And I am working to maintain a relationship with God.

I have to thank my special needs student for inspiring this post. Today he said that I should only talk to him when he needs help. ❤


4 thoughts on “Customer Service: Where I press 1 to speak to God

  1. Amen!!! You know it doesn’t matter the amount of friends, family or co-workers you have; there comes that time in life when they themselves can’t address your pain and/or struggles. Why? Because they are not equipped. They have not yet gone through those challenges, quite possibly.

    I know I really on God pretty much 24/7 back since 2007 when my back broke (chipped vertebrae, 3 herniated discs) and no one seem to understand. They were wrapped up in their own life and still, to a great degree they are because they have their own ailments.

    God has been by my side basically comforting me and writing all my books for me. My relationship with God (Omnipotent positive energy) is something I will NEVER GIVE UP FOR ANYONE.

    Abundant blessings, Emma xo :O))

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    1. Hi there! Thanks for your comment. I think you are right; we each have our burden. While I care greatly for many people, I would collapse if I internalized all their burdens. Also, I am learning that isn’t a fair thing to do to myself and it is similarly not fair for me to do that to others. So far, it’s been uplifting, I feel lighter.

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  2. Inspiring truth. & a beautiful reminder that we don’t have to filter or be careful about what we say when we are communicating with God. He knows our heart & we don’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing or being misunderstood. ❤ So thankful for that. Immediately accessible, absolutely reliable. Positive reminder. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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