Week 1 – Updates

I completed my first week at my new job–I like it! I have an amicable and supportive team. My job responsibilities are meaningful and I appreciate that aspect. On Friday, I found out who my mentor is going to be and it’s the perfect pairing as I have been interested in learning programming language. My mentor is a research associate on the team and he is also a data/coding guru.

My personality has been different at work–I surprised myself! I was confident, I asked questions, I interacted with co-workers –rather than just answering their questions and looking away oddly. It’s nice to be able to acknowledge my growth in that aspect.


I am still trying to make my new apartment my own. I never thought that any apartment I’d have in NY would be ‘too big’ for me but I’m finding myself feeling very insignificant in my space. I have been spending most of day and weekends in my room with the door locked-even my bedroom is too big. But as my brother would say “first world problems”.


I started a couple new things this week but I am not quite ready to write about them as they are still new and developing. I’m at a bit of standstill in regards to where to take my blog, so for now, my posts may consist of ‘updates’ as I settle into my new life I guess.

One of my goals is to read a book every month. I was an avid read until I started college. I miss being able to get lost in a book so I’ve made up my mind to re-develop the habit. I purchased my first book this week, Introvert Power: Why Your Inner Life is Your Hidden Strength by Laurie Helgoe. I considered several books, but it seemed appropriate to start here.  I’ll gladly accept reccommendations!


Before writing today, I spent some time looking at my blog insights. Its amazing to see where the likes/views/comments come from. Thank you for your support and readership!




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