It’s been long enough

It’s been a while since I posted. I have written posts actually, but I decided not to publish them since they were emotional responses to temporary states. I have been reading other people’s work–of course, my Sunday morning ritual is to read DearLilyJune’s posts.

So what have I been up to over the last couple of weeks?

Apartment. I am finally beginning to settle into my space. I complained that my NY apartment (!) was too big for me. It is. I am one person. It was initially exhausting for me to be mentally responsible for so much space. It got better the longer I was there, but I decided to move into bedroom (it is HUGE, you guys, HUGE) and set it up as a studio space–and I still have a lot of space. If I can say so myself, it looks very Pinterest-y (granted, this is where I got my inspiration). I love it.

The other side of the apartment is the living room/kitchen/bathroom. Even though I was yearning for my own space and independence, I decided to rent it out on a month-to-month basis and just yesterday I found someone and we signed a contract. She will be with me for two months. Of course, there is a substantial financial gain which I am excited about. It will help bring me closer to my dream of owning a food truck with a sustainability/social inclusion twist (stay tuned!).

I’ll put pictures some time next week when my apartment projects are complete!

Food. I was doing well. Being at work helped me to control my cravings and emotional eating too. I can’t eat a box of pizza at work!  I lost about 4 pounds. But alas, I succumbed to the human condition and recently, I found myself struggling again. I wanted go into therapy again because there were things that were resurfacing for me, mainly with my sexual assault in 2014 and some other personal things. I did about two sessions and I let it die. Mainly, I found that while I did want to talk things through, I actually didn’t want to talk through things. I recently got into candles and tea (re: my inner old woman?) and this has helped me calm down immensely, especially after work.

Work/New Job. This has been difficult for me. I have a template response prepared for when I am asked about work. I am still not ready to discuss it. But I appreciate that I have a steady income and I am able to afford independence.

I’ll be sure to write ( and POST) more this week 🙂

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “It’s been long enough

  1. I feel so honored to be a part of your weekly ritual! And I’m glad to see you back. Don’t let that large apartment swallow you up, okay? Your silence leaves ripples of echoes across the internet.

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