A reassuring decade

I turned 30 in January. Unmarried, no children, no dog, no mortgage, no boyfriend. This is not the 30 I had planned for myself.

Two months into 30, what I do have is  an incredible sense of self, confidence, an unapologetic attitude, a willingness to say no, and much more. With certainty, I am the best version of myself so far.

The past creeps in, sure. The triggers trigger. But the tools have been tested, the repair is more efficient and the recovery is quicker. I have taken myself apart and put myself back together so many times, so, so many times. I know how I work and I have a better idea of what works.

I don’t feel like ‘it’s all downhill from here’–I feel the exact opposite. I am being positioned to do exactly what it is I was put on earth for –whatever that will be, and I am confident even though I have no clear idea what my purpose is.

I’m a confident 30. I’m not worried at all. My time will come and when it comes, I will be ready.