mise-en-place – everything in its place
Anthony Bourdain says that mise-en-place is the religion of all good line-cooks. For chefs, mies-en-place involves “studying a recipe, thinking through the tools and equipment you will need, and assembling the ingredients in the right proportion before you begin”.
About 3 weeks ago, as soon as I woke up, I started saying, “God is fighting my battles”. Saying this upon consciousness is my defense mechanisms against negative thoughts. It is a transference of ownership of whatever challenges I might face through the day. By making this declaration, I can think about what to accomplish for the day. “God is fighting my battles” is my mise-en-place. It is the tool I need to accomplish all of my tasks. Everything I plan after making this declaration comes to fruition. Best of all, my constant

The most important part of my day is what I do within the first few minutes of waking up. Moving forward, I might develop this further and also write down a short list of what I want to achieve for the day. But I have learned to take things slow, sift through the tips and advice and find what really works for me.

I can’t express  what a difference this habit has made. Well, I guess its too early for me to say it’s a habit? But I am working towards it being a regular and necessary part of my day.