What feeds you?


In the spirit of Lent, although a little late, I finally decided what I would give up: the apps on my phone that suck away my time, distract me and possibly, feed my mind with images and thoughts that do not appease to the type of person I want to be.

I deleted Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Netflix and all ( ALL) my shopping apps: Zara, Ebay, Amazon, Poshmark, Mercari. Pinterest is probably the least evil of all the apps but it does steal my time. I block out my surroundings and thoughts with apps like Pinterest that  engage me in useless productivity.

Yesterday and today, I read my book on introversion. I made a goal to read a book every month. Half way into the month of February, I was still on page six! Without these apps to steal my time, I have actually been able to read more. My thoughts have been purer and certainly more positive. If you stop to think about what you are thinking about, it can really raise some eyebrows (yours).

I listened to Joel Osteen’s talk “Be careful what you feed your mind”. It was quite timely. Osteen says that now, more than ever, we have the opportunity to feed on the wrong things–things that can influence us and poison our spirit.

He ends his sermon with an analogy. He talks about how eagles derive their strength and powerful grace through diet; eagles only eat fresh prey. Eagles are selective about what they eat. ” Just like the eagle, our strength is going to be in our diet, what we are taking in.You can’t go around all day eating dead food and expect to be healthy”.  He cautions us not to consume ‘dead food’.

Osteen says that we should take inventory of what we feed ourselves and ask, Do they build you up? Inspire you to be better?